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Just north of the intersection of Woodruff Rd. and S. Highway 14 in Greenville, SC

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Vision Therapy? I sat on this idea for a year before proceeding with the sessions for my 10 year old daughter. My daughter had patched one eye 30 minutes per day, every single day for 6 years and nothing changed! She still had an eye that would drift, double vision, blurred vision, words jumping on and off the page as she read, etc. Something had to be done, so I switched eye doctors and took a chance with Dr. Rose Hopkins. I have to admit, I was very skeptical and even during the vision therapy sessions, I thought some of the activities were very odd. Not long after we completed the sessions, we realized my daughter could actually control her eye!! Dr. Rose taught her how to recognize when her eye is turning and how to pull it back in. AMAZING! No more double vision, no more blurred vision, no more words jumping, etc! My daughter is now 14 and still has control of her eye. THANK YOU DR. ROSE HOPKINS! I wish we knew about you and vision therapy 10 years ago!

- Renae M. Simpsonville, SC